Beef Cuts from 100% Natural Grass-Fed Cattle

Premium Scottish Highland 100% Grass Fed Beef

Here at Piper Ranch we believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY! Our 100% Grass Fed steaks and roast are only available July through October. However our ground steak patties are available year round. Now you and your family can enjoy the Omega-3 grass fed quality beef that has been on our family's dinner table for years.

Other cuts are available upon special order.

Please call for latest pricing as the prices are subject to change without notice.

Piper Ranch does not use chemicals, sprays or fertilizers.

Our compost is made on the farm by our animals and from our vegetables.

Beef Cuts Available All Year

100% Grass-fed Sides of Beef
$5.50 /lb. hanging weight Cut / Cryovac packaged Available year around.
Delivered to our Farmer's Markets or on the way.

Filet Mignon $25.00
Rib Eye $12.95
Delmonico $12.95
Porterhouse $14.99
T-Bone $13.99
Standing Rib Roast $15.95
Top Rd or Bottom Rd Roast $9.95
Stew Beef or Brisket $9.95
Osso Bucco $8.95
Short Ribs or Chuck Ribs $8.95
New York Strip Sirloin $17.99
New York Sirloin $11.95
Sirloin Tips $14.95
Flank or Skirt $15.95
Brisket $9.95
Hanger Steak $15.95
Liver $4.00
Heart or Tongue $5.00
All Steak Patties 4oz $9.00
Extra Lean Ground Beef $7.50
Hot Dogs * Mostly Beef $9.95/lb