Poultry - Pasture Raised Chicken and Quail

Pasture Raised Chicken and Quail

Piper Ranch is pleased to offer pasture raised Chicken and Quail meat. It doesn't get any better than poultry raised on pasture. Our birds are lean, firm, and flavorful due to their healthy living environment. Our birds have, fresh air, water and pasture that is part of their daily routine. Pasturing allows them to live the way nautre intended.

We also have chicken and quail eggs for sale.

Did you know that quail eggs are very nutritious? One quail egg contains 13 percent protein vs. 11 percent in chicken eggs. That is three times as much vitamin B1, twice as much vitamin A and B2, five times as much iron and potassium, and are richer in phosphorus and calcium than a chicken egg.

Please call for latest pricing as the prices are subject to change without notice.

Piper Ranch does not use chemicals, sprays or fertilizers. Our compost is made on the farm by our animals and from our vegetables.


Our poultry is pasture raised.


Quail $4.50/dozen
Chicken $5.00/dozen



Quail $8.00 each processed


Our chickens are free range and pasture raised. No antibiotics or growth hormones

Whole Chicken $3.95/lb
Half/Split $4.50/lb
Bonless Skinles Breast $10.00/lb
Thighs $6.00/lb
Drumsticks $6.00/lb
Wings $4.00/lb



Pork from Organic Grain-Fed Heritage Pigs