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Why Buy Our Beef

For us, quality living is just as much about what you eat as it is where you live. Piper Ranch is surrounded by grassy hillsides, clean air, and pristine rivers – the perfect environment to raise our free-range, 100 percent grass-fed cattle.

Piper Ranch beef has been bred, born and raised without growth hormone implants, digestive stimulants or antibiotics since 1988, allowing us to offer only the highest quality, dry aged natural beef.

Contact us today to order your beef. Custom cuts available on all pre-ordered meats.

Piper Ranch does not use chemicals, sprays or fertilizers. Our compost is made on the farm by our animals and from our vegetables.

Pasture-Finished Beef

Picture contented cattle munching on lush pasture, their hair coats slick and shiny, and no manure cakes their hide. It's an appealing picture to cattle producers, as well as to consumers buying beef.

Pasture-finished beef (PFB) is better for the animal, the cattle producer and final beef consumer. In a PFB operation, beef animals can live their entire lives in their natural pastures setting, enjoying the feed they were meant to eat. Cattle are ruminants with multi-compartment stomach designed for digesting high-fiber diets. They stay healthy and perform very well on a pasture diet.

Pasture-finished beef can have the same amount of marbling as grain-finished beef, but it is usually more flavorful and tender because of the low-stress, pasture-fed program.

The chemical compounds in forage plants are different from grains. This imparts the distinct flavor to pasture-finished beef.

The difference between "natural" and "organic" beef products is that "organic" is produced according to the National Organic Program standards while "natural" is not.

The preceeding is an excerpt from Cattle Magazine, volume 3, 2007.